Project Hog #1

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Starting from scratch can be hard, but it can be worth it in the end. I love hedgehogs and I’ve been searching for a small toy one that I can buy…but I’ve had no luck. Since I needed a project to try and keep my anxiousness at bay, I thought I’d try and make one myself. I’m going to try and log my attempts so I can look back and see what I need to change and/or keep the same.

SO FIRST ATTEMPT here we go…


After putting this little guy together, I thought that the snout was too long and the whole hedgehog was a bit too thin.  I will need to adjust the pattern to correct this next time! Needle-felting the spikes was okay, but I’ve ordered some hedgehog mohair which I am REALLY excited for, but the felting will do for now. I’m not a fan of the ears, I think they need to be made of felt.

I tested out ink dots for the eyes (similar to the Tilda dolls) but it doesn’t work too well on the felt so I’ll definitely stick to sewing the eyes on. I’m not sure on how big I should make them yet but I will decide once the body pattern is sorted. I’ve also sewn some little rosy cheeks under the eyes which I think adds a lot to the little face. I’m going to try different nose shapes and mouths as I go along.

Next steps

  • Make the snout smaller
  • Make the head wider
  • Make the body wider
  • Change the ears

For a first attempt however, I think it was pretty decent!

Onto the next one!



My first summer project


So, my first stitching post! Let’s hope I don’t mess this up!

So my second year at university has finished. All the work, stress and social aspects of uni have completely disappeared all within the space of the weekend. My routine has completed gone, I have no idea what to do with myself.

I tried to spend sometime down where I live during term time last week, but I was so lonely I went into complete meltdown and just had panic attack after panic attack…my mood just went down (there were other factors too). So I decided to come home. I’ve started to look for volunteering jobs and I’ve applied for a few things but I still feel lost. I don’t have to go back to uni until late September so what do I do with all this free time? Organising and crafting…maybe.

My mum suggested I find a little project to do and found a little project I have. A fact about me, I’ve always like to carry around a small toy or something (for years it’s been a little Sylvanian rabbit named Radish) because for some reason it makes me feel a bit more calm and I feel like I’ve got a bit of home with me. My favourite animal is also a hedgehog. So I’ve decided to put these two things together and try and make mini felt hedgehogs with my own pattern…because why not?! Mini things are my kryptonite too, I love them! I also love the idea of making my own toys from scratch.

Thinking about a project like this has definitely helped calm my anxiety because I now have something to focus on. To take that a step further, I want to document it. It may seem over the top but I don’t really care, it gives me a sense of excitement to make this a big project. So I might be posting my attempts onto here…get ready for a whole lot of hedgehogs!

I know it won’t help everyone with anxiety, but finding a project to focus on may really help channel the feelings into something creative. Whether that be sewing, writing, painting, drawing or anything else. If you don’t know, try something new!


It begins!

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in this exact spot over the years and written my first post. I’ve deleted several of my blogs over the years, only after weeks of starting them. Why? Probably a lack of confidence. I loved the idea of having a blog and writing, but I never thought it would be good enough.

I’ve grown a lot in the last year, so I’m back and ready to craft my summer away. Am I expecting anyone to read this? No, probably not. But I need a project to focus on over summer before uni starts up again.

So, a bit about me. I’m 21 and currently studying Sociology.  I’m an animal lover (especially hedgehogs) and am an avid embroider. Lately, I’m enjoying branching out and teaching myself to stitch different things. I’m hoping to document this here!

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